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Extra Tips for Forms

Posted by on Thursday, October 10, 2013 in Uncategorized.

Do you want to create multiple pages within your forms? Do you want to ask follow-up questions for specific answers to questions? Do you want your form to be accessible for a short period of time? Learn the extra tips to make your forms more successful!

Form Properties:

 Active: Your form will only be live when the Active Box is checked AND during the time frame you set for the start and end times.

When this box is checked the form will not go live until the designated start date but it will automatically turn on at that time.

Generally the only reasons you would uncheck this box if you need to temporarily or unexpectedly turn off your form.

Start Time/End Time: Your form will be live during the time frame you designate here (so long as the Active box is checked)

Allow Multiple Submissions: Check this box if you would like to allow users to complete this form multiple times.

Allow Submissions only from Users on your Roster from these Positions: You have the ability to designate who you want to have access to complete the form here

General Access: To allow any user to be able to access a form select “General Access”. Users will still have to log into the system but they do not have to be a part of your organization. Only people with VUnet IDs can access forms.

Notifications: Under Properties there is a “Notifications” tab where you can select users that you would like to be e-mailed every time a form is submitted

Only users with the appropriate level of access (designated in the Roster section) will be able to view forms

You are not required to have anyone notified when forms are submitted.  



Creating Multiple Pages & Using Skip Logic within Forms:

You have the ability to create forms with multiple pages. You can have all users complete all pages of the form or you select which pages a user needs to complete based upon their responses to questions within the form. This feature is called skip logic.

 Ex. If on Page 1 a user answers Yes to a question, they could be directed to Page 2 but if they answer No, they could be directed to a different page or not directed to any further pages.

To create multiple pages:
1. Create the first page of your form

2. Click the “Page List” button in the top left corner

3. Click the “Page” button under Add New on the left side bar

To set up skip logic:
1. Open up the page you would like the question to go to

2. Click the “Page Properties” button in the top right corner

3. Click the “Conditions” Tab

4. Click Add Condition

5. Select the question, select the desired answer, and then click “is selected” or “is not selected” depending on what is appropriate for how you would like the form to function.

6. You can add multiple conditions also group questions/answers with AND/OR criteria if multiple conditions can or must be true to move to a specific page