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Creating Events

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Creating Events

Event Registration Information

Events are not auto-approved but must be approved by a site administrator. We encourage you to submit your events in Anchor Link at least two weeks in advance. Events can be submitted up to one week after they have occurred. Any submission for an event older than one week may require justification, and may or may not be approved following review.

Events are reviewed on a daily basis during the work week for approval.

    • Most events are approved immediately upon review.
    • Events occurring in large events spaces (ex. Langford, Student Life Center, Sarratt Cinema) need to be reviewed by the manager of that space before being approved.
    • Events with special needs (ex. Police, Plant Operations, outside amplification, etc.) may be required to attend a Special Event Registration meeting through the Office of Reservations & Events.
      • Some areas have specialized event registration and approval processes. If you fall under one of these categories, contact the appropriate office if you have questions about your event approval.
      • Residential Education (ex. RA & LLC Programs) events are approved by Residential Education staff.
      • Events hosted by Law or Medical School organizations will be approved by staff in those areas.

You can edit or cancel an event once it has been created by opening the event and clicking the Change Details button in the Manage Event

  • All event changes must also be approved by a site administrator. However, do not hesitate to make any necessary changes to your event.

Creating an event through Anchor Link does not reserve a space.

  • You must go through the Office of Reservations & Events, Virtual EMS, or the appropriate venue to book your space on campus prior to creating your event in Anchor Link. 

As you progress through the Event submission process, your information is saved once you click the Next

  • To continue where you left off or to make changes before submitting your event, log into Anchor Link and go to:  Click your initial or photo in the upper right-hand corner, click Submissions, then click Events.

Creating a New Event

Events can only be created by officers or administrators of an organization/group who have been granted administrative access. Events flyers/images will appear on the Event Cork Board on the home page along with the basic event details. You can set who can see and RSVP to the event during the creation process.


1. Go to your organization’s home page and select Manage Organization in the right corner.

  • Note: You must have administrative access to your organization to create events. This can be either “All Access” or “Full Access” to the Events feature.  All Access Administrators of a group (ex. Primary Contact, President, other designated officers) can grant access privileges through the Roster.

2. Click the toolbar on the left, then select Events, and +Create Event.

3. Enter the Event Title, Theme, Description, Date, Start time, End time, and Location. (Required)

  • When inputting a location, you can select if you want a map shown to attendees.

4. Attach a flyer or image to associate with your event

  • Supported files include image files (jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, png, bmp), Office files (xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, pub, rtf) and html, htm, mht, and pdf.

5. Specify the type of event: (Required)

  • Anyone in the world: Anyone who accesses the site will be able to view the event without logging in.
  • Students & staff at Vanderbilt: Anyone logged in with their VUnet ID can view this event.
  • Organization Members: Only members of your organization can view this event.

6. Specify who can RSVP: (Required)

  • Anyone: Anyone who is logged in can RSVP.  Even if you do not need to capture RSVPs for your event, it is recommended that you select Anyone. Users can RSVP to events to keep track of them in their personal Anchor Link events calendar under the “Events” section of their user account profile.
  • Only invitees: Only users that you invite through Anchor Link can RSVP.
  • No one: Use this option if the event is “closed” to certain members or RSVP is not applicable.

7. Select the categories which the event fits from the drop down menu.

  • Categories allow users to search for events by type in the Events calendar page.

8. Select the perks which the event offers from the drop down menu.


9. Under Additional Information, provide a URL for the event website or Facebook event if applicable.


10. Upload a relevant document that users can download.

  • File size must beunder 4MB.
  • Allowable file types areDOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, RTF, CSV, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF, SVG, WPS, WPD.

11. Click Next.


1. Attach a flyer or image to associate with your event

2. Click Next, or Skip if you choose to not include a photo.


1. Read through “Basic Event Information.”

2. Indicate who the event is being registered by. (Required)

3. Indicate if your event is occurring in any of the listed locations on campus. (Required)

  • Your event will be approved once the manager of this space confirms your reservation.

4. Check all applicable boxes related to the needs of your event. (Required)

  • Based upon what check boxes you select, you may be required to fill out additional forms (ex. VUPD or Security Request, Social Event with Alcohol Registration form, etc.).

5. If you would like free graphic design assistance for your event, click “ACE Design Team Request Form.”

  • Note: This form is housed on a different page of the site. You are welcome to complete your event registration and then go back and complete your design request form. ACE Design Team can also be found in the Organizations Directory.

6. Click Next.


1. Complete any additional forms prompted by the check boxes for your event needs or based on your organization type.



Check if you would like attendance at this event to show up on a user’s Co-Curricular Resume (found under the My Involvement Section).

Click Submit.

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