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Create a Form

Posted by on Thursday, October 10, 2013 in Uncategorized.

Use Anchor Link to post and receive forms for your organizations. Whether you need applications, waivers, or order forms, Anchor Link can move your documentation online!

In order to create a form, you must have administrative access to the Forms feature within Anchor Link. Officer positions can be created and access levels can be set by the President of your group or anyone with All Access.

How to Create a Form:
1. Go to your organization’s group in Anchor Link

2. Click “Forms” on the top bar

3. Click “Manage Forms” which will appear under “Forms” on the left side bar

4. Select “+ Create Form”, then complete the basic form information and designate who you want to have access to completing the form (additional details about form properties below)

5. Click “Save and Add Questions”

6. Use the “Add New” section on the bottom of the page to add varying types of questions, instructions boxes, or a file upload button. You can reorder any questions after creating them.

Note: The default for all questions is to be required. If you want a question to be optional, click on the question then click the “Edit” button. Then uncheck the “Required” box under Validation.