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Create an Election for Your Organization

Posted by on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized.

While the tab may be called Elections, this function of Anchor Link can be utilized in a variety of ways including polls and surveys.

Some examples of how the Elections feature can be used include holding officer elections, voting on a t-shirt design, selecting catering for a program, or getting feedback on what type of event your organization should hold.

Voting in Anchor Link elections is confidential and users are only able to vote once in any election. You have the ability to determine who can vote in your election: any Anchor Link user, only members of your organization, or only a specific population of users called an eligibility list.

Creating an Election for your Organization:

1. From the organization’s home page, select the “Elections” tab.

2. Click “Create Election” at top of page.

3. Identify the Name of the election.

4. Check if you would like instructions displayed to voters and complete the additional instructions box with any relevant information.

5. Indicate if the election should be “Active” (meaning turned on during the selected dates) and select the date range for voting.

You can always turn the election to “Inactive” or change the voting time frame once the election has been created

6. Indicate if you would like an alert displayed on your organization’s home page when voting is
open to prompt users to vote

7. Indicate if the election is for organization members only (people listed on your Anchor Link Roster). You can elect not to limit the election and have it open to any Anchor Link user.

8. Click “Save”.

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