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Check Out My Co-Curricular Programs

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Co-Curricular programs are managed through Anchor Link! This includes Dore Rewards, Jewish Studies, and Leadership Hall.

This feature enables a user to track their progress in an involvement program that is connected to student learning and development outcomes.

The Dore Rewards Program is open to any student to participate in while other Co-Curricular Programs are facilitated for specific departmental programs.

1. Under the My Involvement tab in the top toolbar, click “My Co-Curricular Programs” to view your dashboard. Users can also access this section from their Co-Curricular Programs dashboard on their user home page. From the home page, click “View Map” to get to your Co-Curricular Programs.

2. Participation may include event attendance, program participation, organization memberships, self-reported experiences, or reflections.

– The Dore Rewards Co-Curriculum captures a student’s involvement across five tracks including: Anchor Down, Civic Engagement, Dores After Dark, Exploring the Arts, and I Love Nashville.

– Students are rewarded for their participation in VPB programs by winning prizes based upon their completion of Dore Rewards tracks. Participation is recorded through card swiped attendance at eligible events. When a student swipes into a Dore Rewards event, their progress will automatically be tracked in the My Co-Curriculums dashboard of their Anchor Link home page.

Completion Criteria
Click on the heading for each domain/track (ex. In Dore Rewards: Anchor Down) to view the eligible events and completion criteria and to see what you have completed

Tracking Progress
The green progress bars at the top indicate your progress towards the completion of each track and the overall Co-Curricular Program

Progress Report
Click the “View” or “Create PDF” button to view your overall Co-Curricular Programs

Progress Report
If you are enrolled in multiple Co-Curricular Programs, you can toggle between programs by clicking the “Progress for:” drop down and selecting which one you would like to view.

If you have administrative access in a group, you can access any downloaded reports (ex. event attendance spreadsheets) from this tab

Co-Curricular Resume
The Co-Curricular Resume is a tool for students to capture their engagement outside the classroom and be customized to a user’s needs. It automatically captures certain involvement data (ex. Organization memberships, leadership positions, attendance at major programs, etc.) and also reflects any self-reported information you provide in the system (ex. service hours, reflections, experiences, etc.)

*Note: This is not an official University transcript.

Click the “Create PDF” button to save or print your resume on your computer.

Follow this link to learn how to customize your Co-Curricular Resume!