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Approve New Members’ Requests

Posted by on Monday, October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized.

Anchor Link Users can request membership to your group. Follow the below steps to approve them and add members to your roster.

New members can join by locating your organization on the campus site or through an invitation.  You must approve these new members before they are added to the organization’s roster.

1. From the organization’s home page, select the “Roster” tab on the top.

2. Click “Manage Roster” near the top corner of the page

3. Select a tab, “Pending” or “Prospective.” An announcement notification will tell you if new requests are waiting for approval.

**Pending members are those you invited.  Prospective members are those who have found the organization and indicated they wanted to join.**

 4. Review the users who are awaiting membership approval

5. Click “Approve” or “Deny” next to each user