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If you have permissions to make changes to your organization, edit your organization’s details by going to the Action Center for your organization, opening up the org tool drawer, and selecting About.

Here you will be able to update your organization summary, contact information, social media information and profile picture. If you are adding links to social media pages, make sure they are set to public. If you are adding a Facebook link, make sure it’s a group page. Links to personal profiles will not display on your page. When you’re done making changes, click Update to save.

**Note: Information listed in the Contact Page and External Page Links section will be made available on your organization home page, and will be shown on the public side of the site. Users that are not logged into the system will be able to see this information, so do not include anything that should not be public.

Managing Organization Interests

Each organization has the ability to designate different interests that describe the organization during the annual organization registration process. These interests are used to match students with organizations that match their personal interests.

It is important that organizations select only the very specific interests that match the work of their organization. It is requested that you do not edit the interests that have been connected to your organization without first contacting the Office of Student Organizations. If you would like to change your organization’s interests, please email