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Minor in American Studies

Like the major, the minor offers a broad grounding in the study of the United States by integrating a rich array of materials, themes, and approaches from many fields. It also encourages students to view the U.S. from international, cross-cultural, and comparativist perspectives. The program provides students with rigorous training in the methods of interdisciplinary work while also allowing them the flexibility to pursue their own intellectual interests and goals. It also emphasizes the importance of experiential learning.

The Minor in American Studies consists of 18 hours of course work:

1. Core Requirements (6 hours)
2. International Requirement (3 hours)
3. Distribution Requirements (9 hours)
4. Electives (3 hours)

Note: No course may be counted twice in calculating the 18 hours. No more than 6 hours at the 1000 level can count toward the interdisciplinary major (except for History, where all courses above 1600 count). Students seeking a second major may count a maximum of 3 hours of course work toward meeting requirements in both majors. 15 hours must count toward the minor alone.

Want to find out more about our minor? Ready to declare the minor? 

Contact Prof. Gabriel A. Torres Colón to set up an appointment:

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