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FALL 2020 Courses

FALL 2020 Courses

AMER 1002: Introduction to American Studies
An interdisciplinary approach to American culture, character, and life.
Section 1: MW 8:45a – 10:00a Alexander Jacobs
Section 2: MW 2:10p – 3:25p Alexander Jacobs

AMER 1002W: Introduction to American Studies
An interdisciplinary approach to American culture, character, and life.

TR 9:35a-10:50a Mario Rewers
AMER 2500: American Cultures: Past, Present, Future

American cultural history from earliest contact between North American indigenous peoples and Europeans to the present. Popular norms and beliefs as well as literature, art, and philosophy. Ideas of exceptionalism, democracy, and the marketplace; struggles over inclusion and citizenship; and the U.S. role in globalization.

MW 10:10a -11:00a Alexander Jacobs
*Discussion sections are on Fridays, either at 10:10a – 11:00a or 2:10p – 3:00p

AMER 3890: Topics in American Studies – Faith, Politics, and Polarization
This seminar course will explore the complex relationship between religion (primarily Christianity) and partisan politics in the United States. It will analyze religious beliefs and values in American culture and the impact on voting patterns. Divisive issues such as abortion, same sex marriage, the death penalty, euthanasia, immigration, access to health care, medical ethics, and religious liberty will be debated. This class will coincide with the 2020 presidential election and will pay close attention to the issues being debated. A strong emphasis will be placed on practical method for encouraging civility, mutual respect, and robust dialogue despite foundational and ideological differences.
M 2:00p – 5:00p Clarence Stauffer

AMER 4000: Research Methods Workshop
Interdisciplinary method for qualitative research. Examines approaches to the study of culture, history, and aesthetic experience. Students will have an opportunity to apply methods through projects.
TR 9:35-10:50 Gabriel A. Torres Colón

There are many courses in other departments that count for American Studies credit. When searching for courses on YES, students should do an advanced search, open the “Class Attributes” drop down menu, and check the option, “Eligible for American Studies Major.”

Fall 2020 Courses pre-approved to count towards American Studies

AADS 1010: Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies

CMA 1600: Introduction to Film and Media Studies

CMST 3110: Women, Rhetoric, and Social Change

ECON 3150: Topics in the Economic History of the U.S.

ECON 4520W: Seminar on Globalization

ENGL 2320: Southern Literature

ENGL 3646: Poetry Since World War II

ENGL 3654W: African American Literature

ENGL 3664: Jewish American Literature

ENGL 3680: Twentieth-Century Drama

ENGL 3898W: Special Topics in English and American Literature – History & Theory of the Novel

GER 2581: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

HIST 1370: Colonial Latin America

HIST 1383: Slave Resistance in the Americas

HIST 1390: America to 1776: Discovery to Revolution

HIST 1410: U.S. 1877-1945: Reconstruction through World War II

HIST 1640: History of American Capitalism

HIST 1730: The U.S. and the Cold War

HIST 2510: Reform and Revolution in Latin America

HIST 2580: American Indian History before 1850

HIST 2855: Women and Gender in the U.S. to 1865

JS 1111: First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS: Black-Jewish Relations

JS 2420W: American Jewish Songwriters

LAS 2101: Introduction to Latin America

MHS 1930: Social Dimensions of Health and Illness

MHS 1940: Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

MUSL 1600: American Popular Music

MUSL 1640: Country Music

MUSL 1650: History of Rock Music

PHIL 2104: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

PSCI 1100: Introduction to American Government and Politics

PSCI 2245: The American Presidency PSCI 2263: Religion and Politics

RLST 3142: Slave Religion and Culture in the American South

SOC 3322: Immigration in America

SOC 3602: Change and Social Movements in the Sixties

SOC 3604: American Social Movements

SOC 3611: Women and the Law

SOC 3621: Criminology

SOC 3624: Prison Life

SPAN 4741: Spanish-American Literature of the Post-Boom Era







*Courses not listed as eligible for American Studies credit may count towards a student’s major or minor, but approval from the DUS is needed before taking the course.