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Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses

American Studies

AMER 1002: Introduction to American Studies
AMER 1002W: Introduction to American Studies
AMER 1700W: Writing for Social Change
AMER 3100: Rhetoric of Social Movements
AMER 3890: Topics in American Studies – American Spirituality and Its Discontents
AMER 4000: Research Methods Workshop

The following courses in other departments also count for credit in American Studies.
With approval, courses not on this list may also count for American Studies.

African American and Diaspora Studies
AADS 1010: Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies
AADS 3258: Black Issues in Education
Asian Studies
Cinema and Media Arts
CMA 1600: Introduction to Film and Media Studies
Communication Studies
CMST 3002: Rhetoric of the American Experience, 1945-Present
CMST 3720: Communicating Gender
ECON 2100: Labor Economics
ENGL 2316: Representative American Writers
ENGL 3674: Caribbean Literature
ENGL 3694: America on Film: Art and Ideology
ENGL 3896: Special Topics in Investigative Writing in America – Investigative Journalism
German Studies
GER 2581: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
HIST 1370: Colonial Latin America
HIST 1400: U.S. 1776-1877: Revolution to Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 1410: U.S. 1877-1945: Reconstruction through World War II
HIST 1420: U.S. Post-1945: Cold War to the Present
HIST 1425W: Body, Mind, and Soul: Elvis, Dylan, Springsteen and Postwar America
HIST 1430W: North American Indians and the Environment
HIST 1667: Famous American Trials
HIST 1730: The U.S. and the Cold War
HIST 2610: The Founding Generation
HIST 2720: World War II
HIST 2810: Women, Health, and Sexuality
History of Art
JS 2400: American Jewish Life
HART 2765: Art since 1945
Jewish Studies
JS 1111: First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS:Black-Jewish Relations
JS 2560: Social Movements in Modern Jewish Life
Latin American Studies
LAS 2101: Introduction to Latin America
Medicine, Health, and Society
MHS 1930: Social Dimensions of Health and Illness
MHS 1940: Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
Music Literature and History
MUSL 1600: American Popular Music
MUSL 1640: Country Music
MUSL 1650: History of Rock Music
MUSL 2150: Music, Identity, and Diversity
PHIL 2104: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 3008: American Philosophy
PHIL 3603: Philosophy of Education
Political Science
PSCI 1100: Introduction to American Government and Politics
PSCI 3217: Latin American Politics
PSCI 3260: Introduction to American Law
PSCI 3893: Selected Topics in American Government – 2018 Midterm Campaigns and Elections
SOC 3221: The Family
SOC 3223: Schools and Society: The Sociology of Education
SOC 3301: Society and Medicine
SOC 3601: Self, Society, and Social Change
SOC 3604: American Social Movements
SPAN 4425: Spanish American Literature from 1900 to the Present
SPAN 4741: Spanish-American Literature of the Post-Boom Era
Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 3250W: Contemporary Women’s Movements