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Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses

All of these courses may be taken for American Studies credit.

American Studies

AMER 1002: Introduction to American Studies
AMER 1002W: Introduction to American Studies
AMER 1700W: Writing for Social Change
AMER 3100: Rhetoric of Social Movements
AMER 3890: Topics in American Studies – American Spirituality and Its Discontent
AMER 4000: Research Methods Studies Workshop

African American and Diaspora Studies
AADS 1010: Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies
AADS 3258: Black Issues in Education
Asian Studies
Cinema and Media Arts
CMA 1600: Introduction to Film and Media Studies
Communication Studies
CMST 3002: Rhetoric of the American Experience, 1945-Present
CMST 3720: Communicating Gender
ECON 2100: Labor Economics
ENGL 2316: Representative American Writers
ENGL 3674: Caribbean Literature
ENGL 3694: America on Film: Art and Ideology
ENGL 3896: Special Topics in Investigative Writing in America – Investigative Journalism
German Studies
GER 2581: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
HIST 1370: Colonial Latin America
HIST 1400: U.S. 1776-1877: Revolution to Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 1410: U.S. 1877-1945: Reconstruction through World War II
HIST 1420: U.S. Post-1945: Cold War to the Present
HIST 1425W: Body, Mind, and Soul: Elvis, Dylan, Springsteen and Postwar America
HIST 1430W: North American Indians and the Environment
HIST 1667: Famous American Trials
HIST 1730: The U.S. and the Cold War
HIST 2610: The Founding Generation
HIST 2720: World War II
HIST 2810: Women, Health, and Sexuality
History of Art
JS 2400: American Jewish Life
HART 2765: Art since 1945
Jewish Studies
JS 1111: First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS:Black-Jewish Relations
JS 2560: Social Movements in Modern Jewish Life
Latin American Studies
LAS 2101: Introduction to Latin America
Medicine, Health, and Society
MHS 1930: Social Dimensions of Health and Illness
MHS 1940: Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
Music Literature and History
MUSL 1600: American Popular Music
MUSL 1640: Country Music
MUSL 1650: History of Rock Music
MUSL 2150: Music, Identity, and Diversity
PHIL 2104: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 3008: American Philosophy
PHIL 3603: Philosophy of Education
Political Science
PSCI 1100: Introduction to American Government and Politics
PSCI 3217: Latin American Politics
PSCI 3260: Introduction to American Law
PSCI 3893: Selected Topics in American Government – 2018 Midterm Campaigns and Elections
SOC 3221: The Family
SOC 3223: Schools and Society: The Sociology of Education
SOC 3301: Society and Medicine
SOC 3601: Self, Society, and Social Change
SOC 3604: American Social Movements
SPAN 4425: Spanish American Literature from 1900 to the Present
SPAN 4741: Spanish-American Literature of the Post-Boom Era
Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 3250W: Contemporary Women’s Movements