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Amy Johnson

Assistant Provost for Immersion and Experiential Learning

Faculty Head of Warren College

Professor of the Practice in the College of Arts & Sciences




  • PhD – Duke University


  • Slavery
  • Maroons
  • Jamaica
  • Colonization
  • Bondage


Johnson is an alumna of Tufts University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and African Diasporic Studies.  She earned her master’s and doctorate at Duke University with a focus on pre-colonial West African History, early colonial Caribbean History and comparative slave studies. Johnson teaches classes on Poverty and Social Justice, Caribbean History, and Slavery and Resistance.


  • 2022, ““Master uses us goodee yet, but when he uses us ugly we’ll come”: Colonialism and Collective Slave Resistance, A Framework for Consideration,” Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History. Forthcoming.
  • 2020, “The Slaveholders of Charles Town and Moore Town: 1810-1820.” New West Indian Guide, vol. 94, no.3-4 (Nov. 2020): 273-292.
  • 2019, with Dr. Crystal Eddins, “Repression, Revolt, & Racial Politics: Maroons in Early Eighteenth Century Saint Domingue and Jamaica” The Haitian History Journal: Haiti and the Atlantic World. 
  • 2015, “Gradations of Freedom: The Maroons of Jamaica, 1798-1821.” Journal of Caribbean History, vol. 49, no. 2 (2015): 160-188.