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We are an interdisciplinary program fostering the in-depth study of American cultures from a variety of perspectives. Students choose their path through the major or minor based on their own intellectual commitments.


  • questions of power and conflict
  • experiences
  • identity
  • traditions
  • social change 

Matters of class, race, region, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, law, migration, environment, technology, politics, and the arts are central to the curriculum. 

Focus on multiple levels: the local, subnational, national, and global levels. Investigate Nashville communities or conduct research on transnational nongovernmental organizations. 

Students participate in a robust set of extracurricular events, including Road Trips, City Walks, and discussion of current events through the Beyond the Headlines series.

The Program also encourages and provides opportunities for on- and off-campus research, internships, study abroad, and individual and group projects.

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