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Rings in the Tower

Who is eligible for a class ring?

A Vanderbilt class ring serves as an emblem of your achievements. The ring is exclusively available to alumni, graduate/professional students and undergraduate students who have completed at least 60 credit hours and are in good standing with the university.

If you’re on campus, check out the class ring display at Vanderbilt Bookstore. You can also see the selection online or call (866) 225-3687 for more information.

Questions? Email the Alumni Association.

Ring Tradition:

234 Stairs, One Vanderbilt.

Has your ring spent the night in the tower?

Kirkland Tower is the most iconic building on campus and holds a special place in the hearts of students and alumni alike. At the end of each semester we hold our Rings in the Tower ceremony, where class rings are taken up into the tower by the Senior President of our Student Alumni Board. The rings are locked away in the tower to spend the night and retrieved the following morning, then handed out to students on the steps of Kirkland Hall.

Did you know?

  • Built in 1875, Kirkland Hall was the first building constructed on campus after the founding of the university.
  • There were two towers originally, but a fire in 1905 destroyed the second.
  • Originally called Old Main Hall, the building was renamed for Chancellor James Kirkland in 1937
  • Contrary to urban legend, there is an actual bell not a recording


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