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Learn valuable tips from top career authors and experts - including our partner coaches, who offer discounts to Vanderbilt alumni - about job searching, networking, organization, teamwork and maintaining your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Career Preparation

Going Grad (2020) - Sarah Whitney Anderson, Vanderbilt Alumni Association and Amanda Moore, Vanderbilt Career Center

5 Ways to Fix Your Resume (2019) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

What Does It Take To Be a Rhodes Scholar? (2019) - Jackie Sheridan, Associate Director for Post-Baccalaureate Opportunities

How to Land the Job (2019) - Professor Jeremy Payne, BS'00, M.Ed'02, Ed.D.'07

How to Get Noticed by Recruiters: Using LinkedIn and JobScan as Essential tools for Your Job Search (2018) - Tiffany Franklin, BA'96

How to Make a Career Change (2018) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Things to Consider When Making a Job or Career Transition (2018) - Jim Bellar, The Bellar Group

5 Ways to Conduct Successful Informational Interviews (2018) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Location Independent Productivity (2018) - Professor Jeremy Payne, BS'00, M.Ed'02, Ed.D.'07

Using Informational Interviews to Change Careers, Land Jobs, and Build Your Network  (2018) - Noelle Janka BS'07

Headhunters 101 (2016) - Wills Moore, BA'90

The Art of the Portfolio (2016) - Tiffany Franklin, BA'96

Career Advancement

How to Know When it's Time to Go (2022) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

How to Leverage LinkedIn (2022) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Finding a Job You Love in the New Year (2021) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

How New Managers Can Make Their Mark During COVID (2021) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Building an Inclusive Culture in a Hybrid Workplace (2021) - Corbette Doyle, Ed.D., Vanderbilt senior lecturer of leadership and organizational performance

How to Reach Your Potential (2021) - Steve Herz, JD'91

How to Tap into the Hidden Job Market to Define and Find Your Ideal Job (2021) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

How to Make a Change in Your Career Direction (2020) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Resume Hacks in Times of Furlough and Unemployment (2020) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

How Do You Know if You're in the Right Career Fit? (2020) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

I Want a New Job, Now What? (2020) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

How to Build Your Brand for Greater Professional Success (2019) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Using Coaching Skills to Improve Office Management (2019) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Using Writing to Build Your Brand (2018) - Dr. Kate Brooks, Evans Family Executive Director of the Career Center

The Business Case for a More Inclusive Culture (2018) - Liji Thomas, BA'98

Telling Your Professional Story in the Changing World of Work (2018) - Kristen Tompkins, M.Ed'01

Achieving Excellence in Nonprofit Board Service (2017) - Jennifer Chalos, M.Ed'01

Start-Ups 101 (2016) - Tiffany Franklin, BA'96

Leading Millennials (2016) - Cherrie Clark, BA'78

Personal/Professional Development

Career Transitions: Creating a Pathway for Your Next Career Move (2022) - Yanika Daniels, BE'02

Navigating Networking: Bridging Online to Offline (2022) - Yanika Daniels, BE'02

5 Coaching Skills Every Leader Should Master (2022) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Finding Work-Life Balance (2022) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Making Your Currency Connection: From "Millennial Whispering" to "Saving your Asks" (2021) - Chris Tuff, BS'03

The Power of Empathy: Showing Up As An Empathetic Leader (2021) - Corey Ponder, BS'07

ENRICH Your 2021 (2021) - Todd Miller, BA'88

Stress-Free, Exhaustion-Proof Holidays (even in 2020) for the Overachiever (2020) - Kacey Cardin, BMus'04

Elevate Your LinkedIn Game: 10 ways to maximize your LinkedIn Strategy and Cultivate Meaningful Connections (2020) - Tiffany Franklin, BA'96

Shed the Habits that Hold You Back: A Special Webinar for Women (2020) - Rebecca Quigley, BS’96

The Art of Launching a Side Business (2020) - Tiffany Franklin, BA’96

Curiosity & Contribution-Based Networking (2019) - Elizabeth Scutchfield, M.Ed.’09

7 Wheels of Leadership (2019) - Kacey Cardin, BMus'04

Overcoming Barriers to Allyship (2019) - Corey Ponder, BS'07

Personal Finance for Life (2019) - Professor Gary Kimball, BS'84, MBA'85

Activate Your Vision, 3 Key Practices to Achieve What Matters Most (2019) - Deb Palmer George

What Fills You Up? An Exploration of Work, Play and Profession (2019) - Dr. Dayle Savage, M.Ed'99, Ed.D'05

Prevent Burnout and Say "No" Without the Guilt (2018) - Lisa Abramson, BA'05

Networking Myths, Facts & Hacks (2018) - Jim Bellar, The Bellar Group

Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers or Employees (2017) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

Visible Confidence - 7 Steps to Life and Career Changing Confidence (2017) - Chantelle Anderson, BS'03

Solving Career Burnout - How to Get Re-Inspired (2017) - Hallie Crawford, BS'95

The Entrepreneurial Mentality (2017) - Avi Spelman, BA'08 

Developing Mental Toughness (2017) - Brian Lomax, BA'89

Sustainable Success - Why Mindfulness Matters (2017) - Lisa Abramson, BA'05


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