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About the Alumni Association

“I was a student for a few short years, but I am Vanderbilt for Life.”

You may not have realized it then, but on the day you were accepted to Vanderbilt you began a lifelong relationship with the university. Vanderbilt was committed to your success as a student then. It is equally committed—through the work of the Vanderbilt Alumni Association—to your continued success today.

Your Vanderbilt Alumni Association serves as a vital link between alumni, the university and each other. We encourage you to explore the Chapter program, volunteer opportunities, events and many other alumni programs designed to keep you Vanderbilt for life.

Our staff is always available to assist you, take comments and answer questions. Visit our contact us page to find the person most suited to help you.


To be invested in a Vanderbilt community that is connected to, enriched by and proud of its alumni.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Tradition
  • Commitment to service and giving back
  • Intellectual engagement
  • Accountability
  • Diversity

Strategic Goals

  • Provide meaningful, lifelong opportunities for alumni to engage and connect to Vanderbilt
  • Align alumni volunteer leadership and central Alumni Relations staff with shared purpose and strategic focus
  • Foster student relationships that build lifelong commitment to the university and an identity as a Vanderbilt alumna/us
  • Become a key, strategic partner with campus schools and departments through improved collaboration across the university to ensure the success of Vanderbilt
  • Provide strategic support to the university