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Moving forward in support of Vanderbilt’s core values

June 18, 2020

To the Vanderbilt alumni community:

The recent deaths of unarmed Black Americans once again require that we reaffirm our commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive community. Diversity, equity and inclusion are key among Vanderbilt’s core values. Our commitment to those values allows us to attract the brightest minds to our campus and foster a collaborative environment where differences of opinion can be debated and respected, thereby driving progress across a spectrum of critical issues to our nation and the world. That is the Vanderbilt way. And it leads to a more just and humane society.

The Alumni Association is committed to supporting that noble work.

As Incoming Chancellor Daniel Diermeier said on the webinar for Vanderbilt alumni earlier today, we must do whatever it takes to maintain a vibrant cultural and intellectual environment where students can learn and grow to their full potential, and where a broadly diverse faculty and staff can make our community stronger. Threats to our core values—whether through world-health pandemics, racial injustice or other forms of civil inequality—call for action not only from the university but also from its alumni. 

Consistent with the university’s mission, Vanderbilt is planning a series of webinars and other platforms to promote education in order to drive interaction and discussion among alumni to raise awareness and to promote progress. Our goal is that this dialogue will help inform an action agenda for the university and help individual alumni explore positive actions they may take in their own lives and areas of influence.

As outgoing and incoming Alumni Association presidents, we are working not only to accomplish these goals but also to ensure a smooth transition of leadership within the Alumni Association. It is our goal to ensure that all alumni feel connected to the university and understand the many efforts and initiatives taking shape during these turbulent times. We both look forward to providing you with more information and hearing your views on these critical topics and the role of the Vanderbilt Alumni Association in advancing this work.

We will be providing more information shortly on opportunities for alumni participation in addressing these important issues. Stay tuned.


Dan Lovinger, BA’87
Outgoing Alumni Association President

Tim Warnock, BA’84
Incoming Alumni Association President