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2020 Service Champions

The Service Champion awards recognize individual staff members in the Division of Administration for excellence in service, dedication to community values and exceptional performance. The 2020 DofA award event was held in December 2020.  Recognition for 2020 was given to individuals and groups who went, and continue to go, above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Services Champions

Public Health Central Command Center

Champions from DofA include: Andrea George, Jessamyn Davis, Steve Gild, Chelsea Hamilton


Testing Support

Champions include: Matt Buckley, Carmen Marks


Leadership Support and New Programs

Champions include: Michael Briggs, Ashley Majewski


Public Health AmbassaDores and Medical Transports

Champions include: Leshuan Oliver, Brittney Whatley, Shaneithia Lewis, Corwin Thomas, William "Todd" Anderson


Public Safety

Champions include: Ricky Burr, Marsha Hayes, Angela King, Tamara Cooley


People & Business Services Operations

Champions include: Mark Brown, Cleo Rucker, Kiley Stokes


Campus Dining

Champions include: Aaron Dilts, Michael Ferral, Gayle Hanson, Donald Jackson, Triketta Brooks, Suzette Roberson, Jay Spiegel


Vanderbilt Child and Family Centers

Champions include: Brian Sorenson, Jamie Broadwater, Toya Cobb, Bethany Downs, Jazlin Hanson, Kelsey Pentecost, Cierra Price, Darcia Witherspoon


EOA & Title IX

Champions include: Anita Jenious, Batia Karabel


Facilities Operations

Champions include: Mark Petty, Lamar Cumings Jr., Chris Preston, Mike McDonner, Michael Shrum, Darren Bevill, Damon Varble, Troy Proctor, Brian Davis, Christine Fogg, Scott Eller


Facilities Circulation and Signage

Champions include: Kurtis Eisenhuth, James Moore, Shelby Pendowski, Megan Sargent, Ricky Chandler, Dylon Daugherty, Cory Scheffler, Ryan Storey, Justin Barker, Lee Langley


Facilities Ghostbusters

Champions include: Anthony Beamer, Darrell Bowers, Terry Goodner, Larry Jones, Jenenia Keeler, John Knox, Derrick Radney, Nelson Rutledge, Shanda Scales, James Strain


Facilities Housekeeping Supervisors

Champions include: Marina Bazdarevic, Lyn Eubanks, Ericka Foster, Ricky Hughes, Aaron Longhurst, Lattica Mitchell, Beatrice Nolan, Chris Reddon, Katesha Roland, Leo Sguera, Mamand Taabur, Hobert Woods