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Environmental Advisory Committee

The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the university administration in administering a comprehensive environmental management program for Vanderbilt University (VU). The committee will advise, develop and promote practices and policies that maximize environmental performance for VU operations, research, academics, and patient care and will assist in complying with all relevant laws and regulations as well as promoting and integrating sustainability, stewardship, and resource conservation into activities and services. The environmental management and sustainability program will include a comprehensive environmental management system which will assess environmental impacts, develop and track measures of our progress, and consider and recommend campus-wide short and long-term environmental goals.


EAC Member


Faculty Membership

James Clarke (chair)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chris Vanags

Teaching and Learning, School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt

Roger Chalkley

VUMC Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Kathy Friedman

Biological Sciences

Steve Goodbred

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Ron Schrimpf

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Steve Meranze

VUMC Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Douglas Fisher

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Joe Bandy

Sociology and Center for Teaching

Administrative and Ex Officio Membership

Andrea George


Steve Gild


Eric Kopstain

VU Vice Chancellor for Administration

Ruth Nagareda

VU Compliance Officer

Mike Perez

VU AVC Facilities

Mark Petty

VU Plant Operations

Gary Streaty

VUMC Facilities and Construction

Kevin Warren