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Labor Certification Process

  1. Complete the Permanent Residency Request for University Employees.  
  2. Meet with your Immigration Services Program Manager to discuss the permanent residency process and complete the Acknowledgement Form. 
  3. With assistance from your Immigration Services Program Manager and immigration counsel complete the job description according to Department of Labor standards.
  4. The applicant must provide evidence of meeting the criteria in the job description in order to proceed.  The applicant may not have gained any of the necessary experience or skills while employed at Vanderbilt University.
  5. A Prevailing Wage Determination will be submitted to the Department of Labor. 
  6. Approve recruitment costs and post position in physical work site.  Your Immigration Services Program Manager with post the position on Vanderbilt Jobs if necessary. 
  7. Evaluate applicants.  Evaluations will be based on the job description and an evaluation spreadsheet will be provided for you.
  8. Labor Certification submitted to the Department of Labor.  Processing time varies but is typically between 10 and 12 months.  It cannot be premium processed.  
  9. Application for permanent residency (I-140), along with the approved Labor Certification, submitted to USCIS.  Processing times vary widely; premium processing is optional. 
  10. Adjustment of Status (I-485; to receive the permanent residence card) may be submitted concurrently or when the priority date becomes available.
  11. The permanent residence card will be sent directly to the employee and the employee must update his/her personnel records by visiting both the HR Offices on the 10th floor of Baker Building and Immigration Services on the 11th floor of Baker Building with the new permanent residence card.

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