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Recent gifts to Special Collections

Recent gifts to the Vanderbilt University Special Collections include the papers of television broadcasting pioneer Tippy Stringer Huntley Conrad and Thomas Wolfe items from alumnus Dr. Frank C. Wilson, BA’50.

In remembrance of Jean Heard: First Friend of the Library

We note with sadness the January 2 passing of Jean Keller Heard, widow of former Vanderbilt University Chancellor Alexander Heard and a great friend of the Jean and Alexander Heard Library system.

NASA veterans’ papers give boost to Vanderbilt Special Collections

The space race was built on the names of myth and legend—Saturn, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. But the real-life discoveries made through the study of outer space have changed life on Earth.

A Tradition of Innovation

W­­­­­­­­­hen Vanderbilt’s Central Library opened in 1941, it was progressive in concept and design. The concept—bringing together the resources of Vanderbilt, George Peabody College for Teachers and Scarritt College to create a facility for all three institutions—created a library far better than each could do alone.

Pascal Pia selections in the Surrealism exhibition

Twilight Visions: Surrealism, Photography, and Paris, an exhibition that premiered at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, included books loaned from the Pascal Pia collection in the W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies. The most notable loan is Pia’s copy of Nadja by Andre Breton, signed by the author, […]

Of the news, by the news, for the news

Longtime NBC President and Chairman of the Board Julian Goodman, whose accomplished news career includes the Huntley/Brinkley years and the Nixon/Kennedy debates and beyond, has deposited his papers in the Vanderbilt Libraries Special Collections.

Connecting Scholars Across Ages

Plans for a renovation of the Central Library are now in place to address changes in teaching and learning, providing improved access to the facility and its collections, increased services for visitors, and expanded study spaces.

Library Tag Cloud

This tag cloud is a visual illustration of phrases searched via the Vanderbilt library’s online search engine, the Acorn catalog, during Fall 2009 midterms. Larger type indicates greater popularity.

Summer in Oxford

When the Oxford rail station loudspeaker boomed out “Mind the gap, please,” I knew I was really back in England. The heads of two groups of Oxford’s University Libraries had invited me for a consultancy for the Bodleian and other libraries that make up the university’s library system.

Library loses one of its foremost friends

When Chancellor Emeritus Alexander Heard passed away in July at age 92, the library lost one of its foremost friends.