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Hustler article ranks library study spaces

Posted by on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 in News, Spring 2012.

Renovated with students in mind, the Central Library earned top marks as a “best study spot” in a recent Vanderbilt Hustler article.

Student input was an essential component in developing future plans for the university’s library system, including Central Library’s major renovation in 2010. That input was reflected in a recent Vanderbilt Hustler article published just before final exams on the best study spots in the campus library system.

Central Library was rated No. 1 for its wide variety of spaces. The fourth, sixth and eighth floors offer large areas for studying, and alcoves tucked under stairwells offer quiet spaces. The new Food for Thought café is also popular, providing a boost of caffeine and sandwiches during study sessions.

“The libraries, particularly Central, are now viewed as destinations for studying, gathering and learning outside the classroom,” Student Body President Adam Myer says. “Every student, regardless of study habits and preferences, is able to find his or her ideal study spot. Whether students want to hide away in the stacks or have a group study in one of the rooms, these spaces assist us in more ways than words can describe.”

The Peabody Library, with its proximity to the first-year residence halls of The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons at Vanderbilt, is a popular spot for freshman. With open space on the first floor and the reading room in the basement, Peabody works well for studying with large groups or just in teams of two.

The Biomedical and Science and Engineering libraries were cited as great spaces to be productive. The article notes that the Biomedical library provides a good atmosphere to get down to work, while the 24/7 aspect of Science and Engineering appeals to late-night workers.

The Anne Potter Wilson Music Library at the Blair School of Music was noted for being quiet and comfortable. A bit off the beaten track, it offers solitude for students. Access to the library’s extensive CD collection was also noted as a plus.


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