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Student workers celebrated with special day

Posted by on Friday, March 11, 2011 in News, Winter 2011.

Dean Connie Vinita Dowell awards a prize during the library’s first Student Library Worker Appreciation Day.
Staff-made desserts, gift bags and thank yous took the place of shelving books and helping with research for student library workers at the first Student Library Worker Appreciation day this spring.

The nearly 170 student library employees who work at the nine libraries on campus were thanked by Dean Connie Vinita Dowell and leaders from undergraduate and graduate student government. Each student worker received a certificate of appreciation and a small gift. A lobby photo display honored the students’ efforts.

“It was a fun, festive event,” library worker and Divinity student Eric Burton-Krieger said. “There was a lot of staff there, so the students felt appreciated and recognized.”

Burton-Krieger, who has worked in the government information and media services section for more than two years, says the library job meshes well with his studies. “I work a lot of evening and weekend hours, and they’re flexible when a big project is due.”

The idea for the appreciation event bubbled up through the many focus groups initiated by the dean over the last year. “The libraries would not run without our student workers,” Dowell said. “They are key players on our team, and it’s important to me that they be recognized.”

Students were honored with bookplates (left) and an afternoon celebration with library employees (from left in right photo) Merry Balthrop, Larry Romans, Lori Murphy, Graduate Student Council President Jonathan Wellons and Dean Dowell.