katie.robinson@vanderbilt.edu to learn more about supporting the library, to let us know about any omissions or errors on this donor list, or to request removal of your name from this and all future online donor rolls." /> katie.robinson@vanderbilt.edu to learn more about supporting the library, to let us know about any omissions or errors on this donor list, or to request removal of your name from this and all future online donor rolls."/> katie.robinson@vanderbilt.edu to learn more about supporting the library, to let us know about any omissions or errors on this donor list, or to request removal of your name from this and all future online donor rolls."/>

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2009-2010 Annual Report of Donors

Posted by on Monday, March 21, 2011 in Giving, Winter 2011.

The Jean and Alexander Heard Library thanks and recognizes the many supporters who gave generously to the library during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010). Please contact Katie Robinson at (615) 343-3113 or katie.robinson@vanderbilt.edu to learn more about supporting the library, to let us know about any omissions or errors on this donor list, or to request removal of your name from this and all future online donor rolls.

Betty and Kory Teoman

One-on-one experience set course for her career

When Betty Teoman, BA’68, was a young Vanderbilt student, a librarian changed her life.

“A librarian was watching as I fumbled my way through the reference room,” Teoman says. “She offered to help and showed me additional resources that really changed the way I approached my studies. That one-on-one experience is ultimately why I became a librarian.”

After earning her degree in English at Vanderbilt, Teoman earned a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkley and then started her 30-year career as a librarian with the Los Angeles Public Library. When she and her husband, Kory, retired, they started thinking seriously about estate planning. Their will includes a bequest benefiting Vanderbilt’s libraries.

“Vanderbilt played a formative role in my life,” Teoman says. “That’s why we decided it would be one of the lynchpins of our charitable donations when we were working on our wills.”

During her career as a librarian, Teoman has been involved with the revitalization of two libraries and knows just how hard it is to keep them up to date. The Teomans have been impressed with the work of Dean Connie Vinita Dowell and her plans for Vanderbilt’s libraries.

“We want our gift to help widen the reach and the scope of the library,” Teoman says. “We want this library to reach out to students and faculty, to be an accessible, comfortable, welcoming place. Most of all, we want to inspire others to support the library as well.”

Chancellor’s Council

(Gifts of $10,000 or more)

John Talley Cunningham IV, BS’79 and Daphne L. Hoch-Cunningham
Connie Vinita Dowell, MLS’79 and Stephen P. Miller
David, Fred, and Steve Mann*
Peter Van Ness Henderson, BA’69, JD’81*
Mary Rankin Weems McCallum, BA’68
Sarah Jane Stempfel, BA’46 and
Robert S. Stempfel Jr., A’49, MD’52*

Dean’s List

(Gifts of $5,000-$9,999)

Gay Nienhuis Greer, BSN’74 and John P. Greer, BA’72, MD’76
Mary Caroline and Tod Hunt
Rachel M. Woodberry McCord, BA’89 and Mark William McCord, BA’89
Jo Ann Rayfield, MA’64, PhD’69
Robert P. Thomson, BA’48*
Jack Wadlington, BA’67
Michelle Wise and Ronnie Wise*

Member’s Level

(Gifts of $1,000-$4,999)

Lee Richard Adler, BA’85
Phoebe Bates and Scott Bates*
David E. Blum, BA’77
Thomas B. Brumbaugh
Ray B. Buckberry Jr., JD’64
Margaret Lynch Callihan, BA’77, EMBA’04
and Matt M. Callihan, BA’77
Charles R. Chappell, BA’65*
Kathryn B. Cheek, DUS’55*
Robert Greer Cohn*
Martha Baither Conrad, BSN’78 and
James F. Conrad
Robert W. Courtney, BA’77
Anna Durham, BA’49 and Walter Durham, BA’48, MA’56
Perri K. Feldman and Paul Feldman
Sara Frances Seay Friedrich*
Janet M. Friesinger and Gottlieb C. Friesinger
M. Donald Hancock*
Byrd S. Helguera, MLS’66 and J. Leon Helguera
William J. Hook, MA’85, PhD’92 and Theresa Hook
Julie C. Huffman, BSN’77
Brenda M. Leach*
Anna L. Letcher
Sarah Goodpasture Little, BA’40
Dugan Wiess Maddux, BA’80 and Franklin Webster Maddux, BA’79
Lynn H. May, BA’60, MEd’82 and Joseph L. May
W. Patrick McMullan III, BA’74 and Rachel McPherson
Barbara L. Mersereau, BA’79 and James W. Mersereau, BA’79
James S. Patty*
Brigette Porter, BA’61, MA’64 and Richard N. Porter, BA’54, MA’58
Eberhard F. Ramm, BMUS’71*
Betty M. Ramsey*
Stephen R. Schach*
Angelyn B. Sensing, BA’49 and Thurman Sensing Jr., BA’50, LW’52*
Ann Ward Talcott, BA’67
Cecelia Tichi
Ann R. Tutino*
Matthew Eric Wills*
W. Ridley Wills II, BA’56 and Irene Jackson Wills
Florence J. Wilson and William S. Longwell
Matthew Aaron Wilson, BS’96, MED’00
Martha J. Young and Ed M. Young
Caroline Hunt Zaw-Mon, BS’01, Next Generation Fund of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Lydia A. Howarth and Nicholas S. Zeppos

Jo Ann Rayfield
Jo Ann Rayfield

Honoring libraries as sacred space

To many people, libraries are just buildings filled with books. To Jo Ann Rayfield, MA’64, PhD’69, they are anything but that.

“For me, libraries are perilously close to sacred space,” Rayfield says. “I remember walking into the library at Vanderbilt as a graduate student. I was holding my breath—it just seemed so huge to me.”

Rayfield’s studies at Vanderbilt were greatly influenced by Professor León Helguera. He directed her dissertation on the diplomatic career of Daniel F. O’Leary and also instilled in her a love of Colombia that has never waned. The J. León Helguera Collection of Colombiana is housed at Vanderbilt’s Central Library and is considered one of the finest collections of its kind.

“Great libraries have collections that include items people don’t use every week or even every year,” she says. “Great libraries have a continuity and an ongoing commitment to things that are not fashionable.”

Rayfield recently retired from Illinois State University where she taught history for more than 30 years before serving as the university’s archivist. Illinois State recently honored her by naming the archives for her.

Rayfield is a proud supporter of Vanderbilt’s libraries and has been a consistent and generous supporter of the Helguera Collection.

“When you give to a library, the gift lasts forever,” she says. “You give them money and they buy a book. That book endures and 50 years from now it will speak to someone from another generation.”


(Gifts of $500-$999)

John M. Alden, BA’65
Robert T. Atkinson III, BA’66
Michael D. Bess*
Elizabeth S. Boord
Dawn Victoria S. Fitzgibbon, MBA’00 and William Edward Fitzgibbon IV, BA’90
Mary Elaine Goleski, MA’80 and Howard A. Smith
Grace H. Kleinschmidt and F. W. Kleinschmidt
Nancy D. Pellegrino, BA’79
Anne R. Pratt, BA’52, MA’54 and William C. Pratt Jr., MA’51, PhD’57
W. Casey Reed, BA’73 and Stephanie Mouton-Reed
Robert Rich*
Laura Trickett Riley, BA’74 and Steven A. Riley, BA’74, JD’78
Louise A. Taylor, MA’61
Elizabeth Gay Teoman, BA’68 and Cornell K. Teoman
Robert Bell Thompson, BS’80
Russell B. Truell, BE’71 and Martha H. Truell*
Phil N. Walker, BA’77

The Wild Bunch in New Orleans. Front row (left) Hal Huffman, Julie Huffman, David Blum, Phil Walker and Bob Courtney. Back row (left) Mike Bagot, Margaret Callihan and Matt Callihan.

Wild Bunch funds new lecture series

At the very start of the academic year in 1973, former Chancellor Alexander Heard issued an open invitation to the freshman class—come for lunch. A group of seven first-year students, nearly all of whom had just met, took him up on the offer. During the rollicking event, the chancellor named the group the “Wild Bunch.” The name stuck, and the friendships with each other and Chancellor Heard held over the years, long past graduation.

Following Chancellor Heard’s passing last year, the Wild Bunch got together in New Orleans to talk about how they could honor him. They decided on the Wild Bunch Lecture Fund, and members ponied up enough that night to fund half the endowment needed to get the ball rolling. Additional gifts and pledges from the Vanderbilt community are welcome.

The Wild Bunch envisions bringing in a thought-provoking, unconventional speaker to campus each year to ignite Vanderbilt students’ thoughts and imaginations. The plan calls for both a large lecture and informal meetings with smaller groups of students.

The group has found a willing backer in Dean of Libraries Connie Vinita Dowell, who plans to host the inaugural event in the new community room of the recently renovated Central Library.

“We’ve been working very closely with Dean Dowell and her staff about this,” says David Blum, BA’77, now a real estate broker and developer in Wilmette, Ill. “Whenever you do a project, you need a champion. She’s our on-campus champion.”

The lecture fund is the second Wild Bunch effort that honors Heard and supports the library. They established the Wild Bunch Acquisitions fund in 1997 to honor Heard and have purchased 161 books for the library.

“He was a very near and dear friend of ours,” Blum says. “He would seek us out and sit with us at Reunion lunches. He was a wonderful leader for the university.”

Gifts of $100-$499

Carol Atkinson and Giacomo Chiozza

Charles M. Babington III, BA’70
Robert Francis Bahnsen, MA’57
Gary Dean Beasley, BA’90, JD’93
Andrea C. Beldecos, BA’81
Craig Bledsoe, PhD’85 and Sandra H. Bledsoe
Barbara C. Bowen and Vincent E. Bowen
Catherine Gardner Bowling, BA’60
Allen D. Boyer, BA’78
Joseph Brenner Jr., JD’72
Cathy Stewart Brown, BA’86, MBA’90 and Martin S. Brown Jr., JD’92
Elizabeth Bryan Brown, BA’66, MLS’67
Lyn Brown, BA’60
Jeannette Kimberly Bryant, BS’91
Melanie M. Byers and James M. Byers
Stephen A. Caldwell, MDV’71
Leah Cannon, MLAS’09
David E. Carpenter
Nena Louise Couch, BA’72, MMU’75, MLS’83 and Peter Coccia, MA’80
Joseph Dale Combs Jr., MA’87
Paula Anne Covington, MLS’71, MA’94 and Robert N. Covington, JD’61
Marillyn F. Craig, MLS’68
Eileen S. Crawford, MTS’94
Kay T. Davenport, BA’59
Tracy Barger De Jong, JD’85
Ruth Robinson Dietrich, BA’45
Marie Howell Dohrmann, MLS’79
Kimberlee Maphis Early, MDiv’81 and Robert L. Early, BA’71, MDiv’76
Kristi Ellen Erickson, BS’00
Bonnie L. Flowers, MS’87 and Forrest Jefferson Flowers, BS’85, MS’87
Helen Foote Flowers, BA’54 and Elbert Conner Flowers Jr., MA’57
Constance Marie Fulmer, MA’65, PhD’70
Henry M. Gaither III, BA’65 and Judith L. Gaither
Sandra Fernald Gerow, BA’65
Janey Thompson Gleaves and Edwin S. Gleaves
Teresa L Gray
Brenda W. Griffin, BA’65 and James R. Griffin, BE’64, MS’66
Frank P. Grisham, BDiv’52, MLS’58
Mary Charles Lasater, BS’74, MLS’75 and Frederick L. Haley, MD’75
Elizabeth B. Hauer, BSN’55, MLS’66 and Chris E. Hauer Jr., BDiv’55, PhD’59
H. Carl Haywood*
Christopher C. Heard
Lynnette Marie Henderson, PhD’00 and David Henderson*
Mary Sara Hoffschwelle, PhD’93
Elizabeth M. Holsten
Rahn C. Huber
William Jackson
Katherine G. Keenum, BA’69 and John M. Keenum, BA’68
Edward S. Kelly Jr., BA’67, JD’70
James C. Kelly, MA’72, PhD’74*
Richard H. King, JD’71
Julia Starnes LaFevor, BA’55
Rhonda Sue Nelson Laird, MED’93
J. Stanley Lindgren, BS’85
Kelly Akers Linton, BA’81 and MacRae F. Linton, A’78
Mrs. Charles T. Love
Muriel Joan Lytle-Campbell, MLS’69
Ann Jeryl Martin, BA’68, MLS’69
William Martin
Mechthild I. McCarthy and John A. McCarthy
L. Clifford McKee Jr., BA’54, MD’57 and Guat-Siew Lee
Alexander C. McLeod, EMBA’88 and Dorothy McLeod
Arthur H. Mills II, MA’73, GS’78
Megan Mistler-Jackson, BS’92 and Jeffrey Quinn Jackson, BS’91
Edward F. Mitchel Jr., BA’71, MS’88
Mark Emerson Monroe, BS’92
J. Scott Moore, BS’74
Juanita G. Murray
Ava H. Nackman and Lee R. Nackman
John B. Neeld Jr., BA’62, MD’66 and Gail Wix Bell Neeld
James Douglas Phelps Jr., BDiv’68, MLS’71, MA’77 and Peggy Malone Phelps
F. Carter Philips, BA’65 and Linda Downs Philips
Jon Parrish Peede, BS’91*
John W. Poindexter‡, BA’46, MA’48, and Judith Poindexter
Noel Polk*
Karen Smith Rehm, MA’72 and Jerry Lee Rehm, BA’72
Joseph M. Riddick, MA’65 and Norma F. Riddick
Elizabeth F. Ritter, BA’60
Susan Cramer Rock, BA’69
Harriet L. Ross, BA’68 and John J. Ross Jr., BA’68
Joanne C. Ruetsch and Herbert M. Ruetsch
Bradley K. Sabel, BA’70 and Nancy J. Sabel
Catherine King Schultz, BA’00 and Edward Francis Schultz, BE’98
C. Boone Schwartzel, BA’72 and Rose C. Schwartzel
Lisa C. Terranova Shipman and Henry R. Shipman
Sandra Davenport Simpson, BA’90
Daniel R. Smith, BA’53
Kathleen I. Smith
Robert Benjamin Smith, BS’01
Patsy Haley Stann, BA’66 and E. Jeffrey Stann, BA’66, MA’68, PhD’75
Paul Bush Stevenson, BA’84
Evelyn S. Udell and Joel D. Udell
Jan van Eys, PhD’55
Nicole Jennings Wade, BA’92 and M. Todd Wade
Celia Schwarzenberg Walker, MA’85
Patricia A. Ward*
Sarah Davis Warner, BS’98 and Andrew Warner, BS’98
Meike G. Werner and Helmut W. Smith
Christina Benyunes Whitman, BS’82
Charles David Williams, BS’76
F. Clark Williams Jr.
Elizabeth Winton, BA’47 and Calhoun Winton, MA’50
Beulah Marie Woodfin, BA’58
Jean Acker Wright, BA’49, MLS’51
Robert Wright
Lee Cutchin Yarborough, BA’93
Anne Zuberer, MED’87 and Kevin R. Davis, MA’88, PhD’89, JD’93

* Contributed personal papers, materials or libraries to the Jean and Alexander Heard Library in 2009-2010.
‡ Deceased