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Beloved library personnel officer dies

Posted by on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 in News, Winter 2010.

Gail Ridgway Workman of Old Hickory, a much beloved library personnel officer for nearly three decades, passed away October 5. Mrs. Workman, who was 72, worked at the library from 1971 to 1999. “For 28 years, Gail Workman served the library through her work as personnel officer,” said Associate Dean Flo Wilson. “She knew everyone who worked in the library, back to when it was still the Joint University Library. Beyond that official role, she touched so many of our lives through her humor, enthusiasm, grace and thoughtful deeds.”

When Mrs. Workman retired in 1999, more than 130 library colleagues and friends joined her and her family at a celebration in her honor. University librarian Paul Gherman and former university librarians Malcolm Getz and Frank Grisham spoke about her outstanding service and wished her happiness during her retirement.

Workman is survived by her husband of 36 years, Wallace Workman; daughter, Beth Farmer; and numerous nephews, nieces and friends. Several library colleagues have made donations to the staff development library fund in her memory.