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ACCRE Downtime scheduled for September 17-18 has been completed

Posted by on Friday, August 27, 2021 in Website.

Update, 9/18: We have finished all the work within scope of this scheduled downtime and successfully completed all the system tests. All ACCRE systems are now available. You can monitor system availability here and please report any odd behaviors via our helpdesk.

Our next scheduled downtime will exceptionally only last 2 days and fall on a Friday and Saturday, September 17-18. Normally it would happen between the Summer and Fall sessions, but that was not possible due to challenges with getting some parts and scheduling conflicts. On-going issues with the /scratch storage sub-system need to be addressed and can not wait until the Winter recess.

The scope of the work to be done covers:

  • Adding new storage hardware to replace /scratch hardware that is no longer supported
  • Preparing to move /scratch accounts to /nobackup (new version of the same service)
  • OS upgrades for /scratch servers

The ACCRE resources that will be unavailable during this downtime are /home, /scratch, /data, public gateways, and ACCRE connected custom gateways. DORS storage, LStore storage, SciLO, TNCred, and the Big Data Cluster (i.e. JupyterHub) will continue to be available.