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Research Spotlight: Prof. Tony Capra

Posted by on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 in Research Spotlight.

Prof. Tony Capra, geneticsProfessor Tony Capra uses ACCRE to understand the genetics of recent human evolution and the similarities between us and other primates, such as Neanderthals and chimpanzees. ACCRE was part of his decision to come in 2014, and it required the least legwork compared to setting up his own server or using a cloud computing service. “ACCRE, for our needs, was both cost-effective and really time-effective and I figured, ‘Let’s try it out and let’s see if it works’ because you never really know how your lab is going to grow or the projects you’re going to work on and thus far I’ve been very, very happy with it.” Professor Capra also appreciates ACCRE’s support system and access to cutting-edge resources such as GPUs and parallelization.