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Research Spotlight: Prof. Jens Meiler

Posted by on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 in Research Spotlight.

Jens Meiler is a professor at the Vanderbilt Institute for Chemical Biology whose research spans over 50 projects in protein structure and folding, computer aided drug discovery, and protein therapeutics, all of whom rely on the ACCRE cluster. For Professor Meiler, the experimental research is driven by using ACCRE to simulate the interactions between tens of thousands of atoms in biological systems, a problem which includes going through billions of possible arrangements of atoms. “On my PC I could run it a thousand times and it would take half a year, on ACCRE I could run it a thousand times and it would take a day.” Professor Meiler works with many groups off campus, many of whom wish they could use ACCRE for their own research. Professor Meiler is also a member of the ACCRE Faculty Advisory Board and has helped secure NIH S10 shared instrumentation grants that fund a large number of ACCRE compute nodes.