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Research Spotlight: Prof. Bennett Landman

Posted by on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 in Research Spotlight.

As a researcher in brain image processing, Professor Bennett Landman goes through a lot of data – up to 96 hours to process one head! When he first arrived at Vanderbilt, he would push ACCRE to its limits and take down ACCRE about every six months. Nowadays, he manages his own experimental cluster with 480 CPUs and 2TB of RAM while using ACCRE for less risky computing tasks. For Professor Landman, ACCRE provides many advantages: it’s cheap, reliable, stable, and easy to manage, it’s backed up regularly, it makes it easy to collaborate with others, and it raises less legal concerns than a cloud-based server. Professor Landman provides support to ACCRE’s operations as the co-chair of its Faculty Advisory Board.