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Setting up a New Group

New research groups interested in using ACCRE for cluster usage can follow the steps below to get up and running on ACCRE. We recommend starting out as a guest group so you can try out the ACCRE cluster free of charge and see if it meets your research needs. After several months, we will ask you to purchase “fairshare” through either use or support fees:

Instructions for setting up an ACCRE group

  1. Cluster disclosure: The group’s principal investigator (PI) should fill out the Vampire Cluster Disclosure on iLab. New users within a PI’s group must be approved by the PI under the terms of this Disclosure. The PI may designate another approver after the group has been set up. Please email Patrick Bembry ( if you need assistance setting up your group in iLab.
  2. Approval process: Please allow a few business days for processing as we must obtain a registered group id (GID) from VUIT.
  3. Adding other users to the group: Send the Getting Started page to other members in your group. On the form to request an account, they can ignore any questions you are unsure about. For each member that fills out the form, you and any other approvers will receive an email asking if they should be added to the group. Once we get the approval, they will get access to the cluster.
  4. If you are going to use ACCRE yourself: Continue to the Getting Started page, approving yourself along the way.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have during this process.