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Improvements to the ACCRE onboarding process, including training classes offered on demand

Posted by on Thursday, March 18, 2021 in Website.

Starting today, our training classes for new users for ACCRE will be offered in a new online, on-demand format hosted on RedCap. This applies to all three classes – Intro to Unix, Intro to the Cluster and Intro to Slurm – and will replace the three day series of classes we have held in the past for new users.

We have also set up a new system for user registration that will allow us to add new groups quickly.

After new users have been registered, they can access the courses on our Training page. Each class can be taken anytime and will include a series of videos along with questions that cover the content. To allow our staff to focus on user support and cluster maintenance, we are no longer offering the training courses at a set date and time, either in person or remotely.

To give you an example of the videos offered, here is the traditional end-of-class cluster tour built with a creative use of Zoom virtual backgrounds:

All classes are taught by Dan Burger, associate application developer at ACCRE. Dan has been working at ACCRE for four years; in addition to teaching the classes, Dan has been overseeing the training process overall and revising the slides when needed.

Please reach out to us via helpdesk if you have more questions.