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Hunter Hagewood named as ACCRE’s new Director of Research Computing Operations

Posted by on Monday, August 19, 2019 in Website.

We are pleased to welcome Hunter Hagewood as ACCRE’s new Director of Research Computing Operations. Hunter takes over from Will French, who left ACCRE earlier this summer.

Hunter joins ACCRE after over 10 years in the private sector: first as a founder and CTO of Nevoa Networks, one of the first commercially available cloud storage platforms, then leading the data center operations at Informatics Corporation of America, a health IT firm based in Nashville. His most recent role was as director of information security and data protection at Equian, a payment integrity firm that was recently acquired by UnitedHealth Group.

ACCRE’s technical director, Alan Tackett, interviewed Hunter prior to his hire: “I was impressed with his depth and of technical knowledge and his ability to translate that back for the layman to understand.

Hunter’s bio is posted on our staff page along with the rest of our other hard-working staff.