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Required Training

Once your account has been approved, you will need to complete the following training sessions to continue using the ACCRE cluster. ACCRE requires that all new users complete the training within two months of receiving their accounts.

All intro courses (Unix, Cluster, Slurm) have been moved over to REDCap and are available on demand at the links below. Each course contains a series of videos with multiple choice questions for each video.

If you are unable to access the course, please fill out a help desk ticket and we can help you out.

Intro to Unix

This class gives an overview of Unix/Linux operating systems. You may skip this training session if you are already familiar with Linux or Unix.

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  • Command line execution and shortcuts
  • Getting help with commands
  • Files and directories, including access rights
  • Your Environment
  • Text Editors
  • Input/output redirection
  • Pipelines and filters

Intro to the ACCRE Cluster

This class gives an overview of the ACCRE cluster, including basic commands. It is required for all new users.

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Update (5/17/2021): We have increased the soft quota on user /home directories to 30 GB and the hard quota to 40 GB.

  • Logging on to the cluster
  • Transferring files to and from the cluster
  • Setting your environment (Lmod)
  • Scheduler basics
  • Cluster etiquette
  • Available storage

Intro to SLURM

This class gives an overview of SLURM, which is used to schedule computing jobs on the ACCRE cluster. It is required for all new users.

Please review the One Million Digits of Pi tutorial before attending this session.

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  • Components of the scheduler (SLURM) and their functions
  • Submitting a job for execution
  • Changing scheduler options after a job has been submitted
  • Checking the status of a submitted job
  • Checking your account’s status (fairshare)
  • Using information about the overall cluster status (node availability) to optimize the timing of your job’s execution

Previously offered training sessions

Here are slide decks for training sessions that were previously offered by ACCRE. They are included here for reference and are not required to use ACCRE. Some of this information may be out of date (e.g. setpkgs was the package manager used by ACCRE many years ago, and has been replaced with Lmod).