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Cluster availability information

Posted by on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 in Cluster Status Notice.

The cluster is now available for use as of Tuesday, January 21 at 10am.

All of /home and /data are restored

/home and /data are now using the new hardware. The old data will still be available at /gpfs22/home and /gpfs23/data. If for some reason any changes were made by users to files in /home or /data during the downtime they will need to be manually copied over to the new location by the user.

DORS has been moved to /dors1, /dors now contains symbolic links to old DORS hardware

Additionally in preparation for migrating to new DORS hardware the existing mount was renamed /dors1 to make transitioning simpler. /dors is now a collection of symbolic links pointing to the old DORS hardware currently and can be redirected to the new hardware in the future. Software on DORS should not be impacted by this change. A separate email will be sent to DORS users outlining the next steps for transitioning to the new hardware at a later date.

Symbolic links may point to /gpfs22/home instead of /home; please rebuild your environments if this is the case

Please note that in some cases software environments manually installed into your home directory may have followed existing symbolic links so that they will try to access files directly from /gpfs22/home rather than from /home directly. Python virtual environments are a good example of this behavior. In this case we recommend that you promptly rebuild your installation environments so that they reference your home directory in the new hardware. This should result in a significant performance improvement as your software will load from the new GPFS hardware. Eventually we will remove the /gpfs22 hardware completely, and such environments will need to be rebuilt. We will be collecting some tips and instructions for migrating some commonly used environments and will post these in a future communication.