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Pizza and Programming Category

5/24/2017: Lmod with Davide Vanzo

May. 24, 2017—Speaker: Davide Vanzo, Application Developer @ ACCRE Material: Click here to view slides

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4/12/2017: Parallel Processing in R with Brenton Kenkel

Apr. 12, 2017—Speaker: Brenton Kenkel, Assistant Professor of Political Science Material:

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3/16/2017: Python for Data Analysis with Chris Fonnesbeck

Mar. 16, 2017—Speaker: Chris Fonnesbeck, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Material:

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2/10/2017: DAX: Integrating Image Processing with ACCRE with Stephen Damon

Feb. 10, 2017—Speaker: Stephen Damon, Senior Engineer in Electrical Engineering  

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1/13/2017: Advanced Unix/Bash with Will French

Jan. 13, 2017—Speaker: Will French, Director of Research Computing Operations @ ACCRE Material:

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11/10/2016: Using Python on the ACCRE Cluster with Josh Arnold

Nov. 10, 2016—Speaker: Josh Arnold, Application Developer @ ACCRE Material:

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