Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

The university is governed by a Board of Trust which includes 24 Trustees,each of whom can serve two five-year terms.The chancellor, who is chosen by the Board of Trust, is the chief executive officer of the university.

Officers of the Board

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General Officers

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NICHOLAS S. ZEPPOS, JD Chancellor 615-322-1813 Email
SUSAN R. WENTE, Ph.D. Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 615-322-4219 Email
STEVE ERTEL Vice Chancellor for Communications 615-343-1790 Email
NATHAN GREEN Interim Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs   Email
ANDERS W. HALL, M.B.A. Vice Chancellor for Investments and Chief Investment Officer    
ERIC C. KOPSTAIN, M.B.A. Vice Chancellor for Administration 615-875-8617 Email
JOHN M. LUTZ Vice Chancellor for Information Technology 615-875-8851 Email
JAMES E. PAGE JR., M.B.A. Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer    
RUBY SHELLAWAY, JD Interim General Counsel 615-322-8965 Email
SUSIE S. STALCUP, B.B.A., C.F.P. Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Relations 615-322-6673 Email
BRETT SWEET, M.B.A. Vice Chancellor for Finance and Chief Financial Officer 615-343-6735 Email
DAVID WILLIAMS II, J.D., LL.M., M.B.A. Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Athletics Director 615-322-8333 Email


JEFFREY R. BALSER, M.D. Ph.D., Dean of the School of Medicine 615-322-5191 Email
MARK D. BANDAS, Ph.D. Associate Provost and Dean of Students 615-322-6400 Email


Interim Dean of The Ingram Commons   Email

Associate Provost and Dean of Residential Faculty

615-322-4948 Email
CAMILLA PERSSON BENBOW, Ed.D. Dean of Peabody College 615-322-8407 Email
DOUGLAS L. CHRISTIANSEN, Ph.D. Vice Provost for University Enrollment Affairs and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid 615-322-6702 Email
PHILIPPE M. FAUCHET, Ph.D. Dean of the School of Engineering (615)343-3773 Email
JOHN G. GEER, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Arts and Science 615-322-2851 Email
CHRIS GUTHRIE, J.D. Dean of the Law School 615-322-9800 Email
VALERIE HOTCHKISS, Ph.D. University Librarian 615-322-4782 Email
M. ERIC JOHNSON, Ph.D. Dean of Owen Graduate School of Management 615-322-2316 Email
LINDA D. NORMAN, D.S.N. Dean of the School of Nursing 615-343-8876 Email
EMILIE M. TOWNES, Ph.D. Dean of the Divinity School 615-343-3960 Email
MARK WAIT, D.M.A. Dean of Blair School of Music 615-322-7660 Email
MARK WALLACE, Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate School 615-322-2809 Email

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