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May 29-30 2014 Murfreesboro GIS Workshop

The second GPS, Online Mapping and Google Earth™ Professional Development Workshop was held May 29-30, 2014 at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Leigh McNeil of MTeach was great help in securing the MTSU computer lab for the workshop and co-sponsorship of the workshop. We are all grateful for her and her team’s assistance there. There were 4 participants in the workshop. Each teacher was provided with a three-ring binder of workshop materials, a copy of “Going Places with GPS” by Roger and Anita Palmer as well as geospatial data and activities on thumb drives.

By taking this workshop, teachers learned how to get their students outside and collecting real world data that they can use in project-based learning (PBL) activities using the technologies of STEM professionals. In this workshop, teachers developed basic skills using GPS units, free online mapping software, and Google Earth™ through example classroom activities that they can do with their students for data collection, map creation and basic spatial analysis for projects and reports. In addition, teachers also had the opportunity to create hands-on activities and curriculum for their classrooms with assistance from Professor Janey Camp at Vanderbilt University.

During the workshop, teachers participated in the following activities:

Day 1 – Overview, Global Positioning System (GPS), and ArcGIS.com

  • Introduction to Geospatial Technologies (GT) and the Geographic Inquiry Process
  • What is GPS? How to Use a GPS Unit?
  • Getting Familiar with GPS/Outdoor Data Collection with GPS
  • Introduction to ArcGIS.com (Mapping your Data)

Day 2 – ArcGIS.com and Google Earth™

  • GPS Data Collection
  • Google Earth™ Exploration Activity
  • Mapping of GPS data with Google Earth™, Drawing, etc.
  • Using Mobile Devices for Data Collection
  • Activity Development/Curriculum Development
  • Feedback Session

The Murfreesboro Workshop was a great success with teachers’ fully participating in all the hands-on activities. Teachers found this workshop to be beneficial for future classes, because all the activities are engaging, low-cost and allow for hands-on exploration of the world around us.

Each teacher received a completion certificate and a stipend provided by the Middle TN STEM Innovation Hub (MTSIH) in addition to the workshop materials. Click here to see some sample activities developed by teachers enrolled in the course.