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Associate Editors:  J. Severino Croatto, (deceased)  Instituto Universitario ISEDET Buenos Aires;
                                Archie Chi-Chung Lee
, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong;
                                Teresa Okure
, Catholic Institute in West Africa, Nigeria;
                                 Nicole Wilkinson Duran
, Villanova University, Pensylvania, USA

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Welcome to the website for users of Global Bible Commentary  (Nashville:  Abingdon Press, October 2004) and for users and contributors to the WEB-GLOBAL BIBLE COMMENTARY   that includes additional contextual commentaries of Biblical books submitted by users of the GBC and approved by the editorial board.

As a presentation of contextual interpretations of the Bible—see Introduction to the GBC--, by definition, the GBC is an invitation to its users to formulate their own contextual interpretations of the Bible – see Using the GBC in Bible Study Groups.  The scholarly vetted E-publication of the contributions to the Web-GBC can be the works of individuals or of groups; they can be in English, French or Spanish.  Submissions should 1) follow the Outline of Each Commentary in the GBC, 2) include a conclusion showing how the differences in contexts led to different emphases as compared with the GBC commentary; 3) follow the Style-Sheet;  and 4) be submitted in electronic form to the General Editor at Daniel.M.Patte@Vanderbilt.Edu .  The authors will retain the copy-right for their submissions.

The Global Bible Commentary reflects the fact that the majority of the readers of the Bible are Christians in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania (1.178 billion), rather than in Western Europe and North-America (661million) and in the Orthodox Eastern Europe (158 million). The large majority of commentators are scholars from the Two-Thirds world, with a smaller number of scholars from the One-Third World, including a few Jewish Scholars)  and from the Orthodox World.  The GBC is contextual. Each commentator asks of each biblical book: What is the teaching of this text for believers in my specific social, economic, cultural and religious context? More specifically: What does this biblical book say regarding the relationship of the People of God to the world in my context?

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