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Welcome to the website for editors of and contributors to the Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity.


Our goal is to produce a comprehensive dictionary of the Christian religion in all of its diversity. (See Key Features)  With at least 2700 entries on more than 900 pages, it presents the origins, developments and contemporary manifestations of Christianity in all parts of the world:  Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania (1.178 billion Christians), as well as in Western Europe and North-America (661 million) and in Orthodox Eastern Europe (158 million) (see contextual entries). It will contain the definitions of classical terms found in other reference works (see conceptual-theological and historical entries).  Yet, it is not limited to these traditional subjects.  Instead, it includes often ignored geographical regions, popular expressions of faith, and dissenting voices that nonetheless have significantly shaped Christian beliefs and history.  


The definitive and accessible entries will make The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity indispensable for students and scholars, clergy and laity, believers and agnostics--in short, anyone who needs a full and accurate picture of the world's largest organized religion.     

See Rationale for this Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity


The one-volume Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity will be an A to Z dictionary in one. Volume, both Paper and Cloth; 7x10; more than 900 pp. 2 col type; 875,000 words -- similar in size and format to the Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy.

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