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REL/DIV 3159 Semiotics and Biblical Studies

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Sémiotique: Dictionnaire Raisonné de la Théorie du Langage II, by Algirdas Julien Greimas and Joseph Courtes

Entire book in one (doc) file

Sémiotique (ms-word):

Part I - Intro through "C"

Part II - "D" through "I"

Part III - "J" through "R"

Part IV - "S" through End


 READINGS (in this order):

1) Murder and Difference: Gender, Genre, and Scholarship on Sisera's Death Mieke Bal

2) Structural Exegesis for NT Critics, Daniel Patte

3) Theory of Semiotics Umberto Eco

4) Religious Dimensions of Biblical Texts Daniel Patte

5) Narratology (3rd edition) Mieke Bal

6) Loving Yusuf Mieke Bal

7) Ethics and Infinity Emmanuel Levinas


We will also discuss, as required by the topics, A.-J. Greimas and J. Courtès (Semiotics and Language: A Dictionary and Umberto Eco, The Role of the Reader.