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RLST 213 Ethics in the New Testament

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Ethical Contexual Bible Interpretations Form



The three segments of each class meeting will move FROM THEORY TO APPLICATION.

During the first part of the semester:

1) Lecture on Different Scholarly Views of Ethics (various theoretical issues) often followed by the presentation (with handout) of a recommended reading.

2) Roundtable Discussion of Applied Ethics: Discussion of your own interpretations of the ethical teaching a) for a concrete situation b) of an assigned biblical text, c) focused on an ethical issue (that you will have chosen among two ethical issues). The roundtable discussion will emphasize the DIFFERENCES among the ethical interpretations in the group (you will have prepared yourself for this discussion by discerning the differences of your own interpretation with at least one different interpretation). See Appendix # 1 on Roundtables.

3) Reports from Groups on the DIFFERENT understanding of the ethical teaching; explanation of these differences.

Your participation in such roundtable discussions and the theoretical lectures will prepare you to formulate your topic of your paper and to write your paper.

During the second part of the semester, the focus will be on your paper topics (see Appendix # 2, 3, and 4, the Guidelines for your Proposal and for your Paper, at the end of the syllabus).