Preliminary Choice of Your Paper Topic


By Monday Sept 27 at 10 am:


Give three (3) ranked choices of


a) An ethical issue and a life context today where this is a most significant moral "problem" that "needs" to be addressed. For instance:

CULTURAL AND SOCIAL ETHICS; Violence and Oppression (Including Abuses); Racism, Patriarchalism, Anti-Semitism; Classism, Economic Violence; Human rights; ethical issues raised by groups such as Feminists, African Americans/Blacks, Australian Aboriginals, Dalits, Native Americans, Palestinians, Womanists.

ECOLOGICAL ISSUES (Climate Change, etc.);

ECONOMIC ISSUES (Poverty, hunger, economic ethics, justice, business ethics, global ethics);

SEXUALITY AND FAMILY LIFE: Marriage (purpose and importance); Divorce (Community and family bonds); Healthy sexual relationships and Sexual Sin (how defined?) Inculturation of views of sexuality? Religion and sexuality; homosexuality and heterosexuality; abortion; contraceptive;

WAR AND POLITICS: Church and State issues; Christian leadership in the political world;



b) A New Testament text which could be a good scriptural basis for an ethical teaching about this topic,

NOTE: Leafing through Pregeant, Knowing Truth Doing Good: Engaging New Testament Ethics, you can readily identify how different ethical issues (mentioned in sub-titles) are related to different New Testament texts.


For each choice, briefly (2-3 lines) explain what would be the two foci of your paper (which ethical issue and which New Testament text, and why this topic is most interesting for you).

[By Sep 27 at 3 pm (the same day), the instructor will assign you one of your topics--striving to assign to you your first choice; but a variety of topics are important and need to be discussed. So make a good case for your first choice!]

[You are free to use one of the ethical issues or contexts you previously worked on in your reports. But we will want variety.]