Department of Physics and Astronomy

Theoretical / Computational Nuclear Physics

Faculty:  David J. Ernst,  Volker E. Oberacker,  A. Sait Umar

Research Associate:  David C. Latimer (until Spring 2005, now at University of Louisville)

current graduate students:  
Artur Blazkiewicz
, Jesus Escamilla

Computational nuclear structure and reaction theory

 (Professors Oberacker and Umar)

Details on computational nuclear structure and reaction theory

Curriculum Vitae -- Prof. Oberacker

Curriculum Vitae -- Prof. Umar

Brief computational physics overview

Neutrino oscillations (Prof. Ernst)

Details on neutrino theory

Curriculum Vitae -- Prof. Ernst

Last update: August 16, 2005
Volker Oberacker
  Vanderbilt University