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Nanocrystals & Thin Films

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Suseela Somarajan

Research Assistant, Physics & Astronomy: 2006-present

Europium Chalcogenide Nanocrystal Synthesis & Thin Films Properties

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Saad A. Hasan

NSF IGERT Graduate Fellow, Materials Science: 2006-present

Transport and Interface Properties of Nanoparticle Films

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Dickerson Group Personnel

Prof. James H. Dickerson

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Physics


Sameer V. Mahajan

Research Assistant, Materials Science: 2004-present

Thin Film Fabrication and Rare Earth Nanocrystal Synthesis

John L. Rigueur

NASA Jenkins Pre-doctoral Fellow, Materials Science: 2008-present

Carbon Nanotube Films and Heterostructures

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Dr. Dustin W. Kavich

Research Assistant, Physics & Astronomy: 2005-2008

Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Magnetism & Thin Film Fabrication

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Justine Hart

Vanderbilt CSO RIP High School Research Fellow: 2006-2009

Nanocrystalline Materials


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Arness Everheart

Vanderbilt CSO RIP High School Research Fellow: 2007-2008

Nanocrystalline Materials


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Dickerson Group Alumni

Melissa A. Harrison

GAANN Fellow, Materials Science: 2007-present

Europium Chalcogenide Nanocrystal Synthesis & Magneto-Optics

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Weidong He

Research Assistant, Materials Science: 2009-present

Europium Chalcogenide Nanocrystal Synthesis

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Neil Strom

Graduate Assistant, Materials Science: 2009-present

Alternating Current Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanoparticles


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Dr. Marcela L. Redigolo

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Physics & Astronomy: 2004-2007

Europium Chalcogenide Nanoparticle Synthesis


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