The opening scenes of Star Wars reveal Lukes naiveté and youthful immaturity as a hopeful young kid. Early in the film, when Luke’s Uncle Owen asks him to clean the newly purchased androids, he protests claiming to have personal plans in town. Luke reveals his childishness by only reluctantly agreeing to fulfill his duties and help his uncle on the farm. While C-3PO rests in his oil bath, Luke plays with a model lambda-class shuttle and glamorizes the war between the rebels and the Empire. When Luke discovers that the androids have served in the rebellion, he quickly bombards C-3PO with questions about battles, again glorifying the war which he will soon learn to be destructive and painful.

     Despite viewing the rebellion as mythical, when Ben suggests Luke join the rebel forces, he declines claiming to have work at his Uncle Owen’s farm. Luke’s childish fear of the unknown causes him to resist learning the ways of the Force. Only when Luke discovers storm troopers have destroyed his family does he agree to accompany Ben and the androids to Alderaan. A second example of Luke’s naiveté occurs at the space port. Prior to reaching the space port in search of a pilot to Alderaan, Ben warns Luke that the port is fraught with villains. Outside the bar, Ben again instructs Luke to watch his step. Luke replies “I’m ready for anything.” However, the brawl with a belligerent extraterrestrial crushes Luke’s youthful confidence by effortlessly tossing him across the bar. The extraterrestrial forces Ben, a mature and experienced jedi, to intervene out of concern for Luke’s safety. Clearly, Lucas depicts his romantic hero as naive in the opening scenes of Star Wars.