Much of the charm of the Star Wars trilogy lies in the imaginative aliens and androids Lucas creates. Luke Skywalkers androids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, remain so devoted to their master throughout the trilogy and reflect such human personalities that they become loved by the audience. Vivian Sobchack states “...the contemporary SF film has emphatically figured reflexive robots, computer, androids,, and replicants seeking emotional as well as functional fulfillment. They evidence doubt and desire...a self-consciousness and sentimentality new to the genre” (237). The androids absorb so many human characteristics that, even R2-D2 who communicates through beeps, their eclectic personalities charms the audience. However, in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, Lucas’ human characters seem to fall into the stereotypical roles of a mythic fairy tale. While Skywalker remains an emotionally immature character, the androids become an integral part of the film as Luke’s sidekicks.