Welcome to Kim Stoiber's Star Wars Page!

I know that my page is just one of many pages devoted to three of the greatest films of the late '70s and '80s, but what makes my page UNIQUE is my own writing on the Trilogy. However, I have provided several links to my favorite Star Wars pages.

My Writing on the Trilogy

Helpful hints on reading my hypertext

Darth Vader the Cyborg

Luke Skywalker and his Androids

Luke the Jedi Knight

My Favorite Star Wars Links

Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website

Christian Grass (My Favorite)

Katy Walker

Raptors Yavin 4 Jedi Academey

Star Wars: The New Republic

Colin's Rebel Base (Colin is only six years-old)

Some Other Fun Stuff

Postmodernism and the Culture of Cyberspace

My Family's Home Page