For the first time in the trilogy, Luke experiences significant self-development which strengthens his capacity as a jedi knight. Luke seems to have gained some of this knowledge in the time between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, for Luke exhibits increased mind power in the opening scenes of Jedi that had not yet been attained at the close of Empire. Jabba the Hutt had given his guard specific orders to turn Skywalker away; however, Luke uses the Force to control the guards mind and enters Jabba’s palace easily. Luke’s mind has grown powerful enough to control the minds of others-an attribute of a true jedi knight. Luke has also gained confidence in his ability to use the Force. Despite becoming a prisoner of Jabba, on numerous occasions Luke offers Jabba the choice of either setting the rebels free or death. Jabba discovers that Luke’s abilities supports his confidence when the rebels indeed escape after his death. Even Yoda who realized that Luke’s youthfulness cut short his initial jedi training in Degabah admits that Luke does not require more instruction; however, Luke must battle Vader before becoming a true jedi knight. Finally, when Luke battles Vader for a second time, he displays his vast improvements as a warrior by forcing Vader to lose his lightsaber and maiming Vader by cutting off his hand. This scene parallels a similar scene in Empire when Vader amputates Luke’s hand in battle. In Jedi, however, Luke proves that he has surpassed his evil father in battle skills. Clearly, Luke has acquired strong mental and fighter skills in accordance with his self-development and his pursuit to become a jedi knight.