Booth A

"Don't they know that we've..."

"No! and I don't want them to," interrupted Sandy.

"Huh...I didn't know that."

"Do your parents know?"

"Yeah. We're all adults."

"My parents do not see it that way," Sandy said as she looked off into the darkness out the window. After a short pause, she asked, "So, where's our next stop?"

"I thought that once we got to the border we'd stop for dinner. He looked at her expecting her to say something, but he just smiled. "So, what's this big news you were telling me about on the phone?"

"You are going to die when you hear it."


"Okay, okay. You remember the last time we saw Angela she'd found some strange new religion which called themselves The Discipline. Well,, listen to she 's getting married!" Will's disbelief took the form of a high pitched shrill, which only ceased when Sandy's heel dug into his toes. "Shush!" she said emphatically. "Its not that bad."

"How could it be worse? I can't believe this. Just when you think you somebody, then...out of nowhere...they get married." He shook his head and looked out the window into the cold night air. "Who is this guy she's marrying? Do we know him? How long has she known him?"

"His name is Tom Cobb. He'll be forty next week. And they've known each other for three weeks."

"This is a joke, right? You've got to be kidding me. He's nearly twice her age and hey barely know each other. What's going through that girl's head. First, she joins some weird cult, and a couple months later she's getting married. I'll bet she's already pregnant!"

"No, she's not pregnant. I already asked."

"How did you find out about all of this?"

"I got the invitation in today's mail. Then I called Angela's sister, Marianne, to get the lowdown on the situation. After that, I called Angela so I could tell her I was happy for her and to ask about Tom."

"Why did you get an invitation and I didn't? I was just as close to her as you were."

"I don't know, but she said she sent out several."

"When is the wedding anyway?"

"A week from now. Can you believe its so soon?"

"The cult leaders probably don't want to give them too much time to think about the decision, or else they might change their minds." Will glanced out the window for a moment and said, "Anyways, I don't think I going to go to it."

"Why not?"

"I don't really support it, and I don't want to stand around at the reception pretending to be happy that my friend has thrown her life away."

"Even if you don't like the idea, can't you at least be there for Angela?"

"Why should I? She didn't invite me."

" Well...," Sandy thought for a moment and answered, "You've got to go. Who will I go with?"

"We're not attached at the hip, you know. You can actually go out in public, even with our friends, when I'm not around."

"I was just saying..."

"Yeah...well, so was I," interrupted Will.

"I never knew you could be so stubborn and insensitive."

Ignoring the comment, Will got up to stretch. "I'm going to get another coke."

"Get some hot cocoa for me."