He just wanted to talk to his hero for a few minutes. That's not too much to ask. Suddenly, the sweet voice of the young black woman beside Spike broke Danny out of his daydreamy state. She was on her knees in her seat peering over. She was beautiful but looked exhausted. She had a fur coat pulled up to her chin.

"What are you reading?" she inquired.

"Nothing interesting. Just a textbook for class."

"So you're a college student."

"Yep, just one more semester and I'm free."

"That must be a nice feeling."

"It sure is."

"Do you live in a dorm or off-campus?"

"I'm in a dorm with a couple of roommates. Its really working out great. We get along pretty good and help each other out a lot."

"That sounds like fun. I always wanted to live in a dorm with a bunch of girls. I would have gotten so much more studying done, not to mention a lot more sleep."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, my husband and I were married right after high-school. I went from my father's house to Dwight's apartment near campus. We were there for three years."

"What about the fourth year?"

"Dwight left school to be in the daft. There was never any question of whether I'd follow him or not. So I left too. I remember I was so disappointed because I studied so hard for the MCAT that spring. Later that summer, Dwight was at training camp and the score came back in the mail. A thirty, but it was too late though."

"I'm sorry."

"No, don' t be. that's enough of my sorrows. let's change the subject."

"Well...what are you reading?" Danny asked and nodded towards the old paperback she had curved into a tube in her hand.

"Oh, this...this is 'I Know Why the caged Bird Sings.' I haven't started it yet. I need to. The wives club is reading it." As she spoke, she revealed the cover, which bore a beautiful drawing of a white bird with its wings spread. A dove, Danny supposed.

"What is the wives club?"

"Oh, a bunch of Stallions' wives get together and drink coffee, discuss books, and basically get a break from our husbands for a little while." Danny imagined a group of grown-up high school cheerleaders lounging around a plush living room trying to catch up on the lessons they'd missed out on.

Their conversation had come to a strange silence. They were just looking at each other. Things were said, but not aloud. Danny' couldn't stand the tension anymore and had to end it. "I've got a deck of cards in my bag if you want to play."

"No, you go ahead I'll just watch."

"Are you sure? Solitaire isn't much fun for two."

"Yeah, I've gotten used to watching."

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