In offering an explanation for the masculine motive behind the creation of the fearful images, Cixous explains that "the new history is coming; it is not a dream, though it does extend beyond men's's going to deprive them of their conceptual orthopedics, beginning with the destruction of their enticement machine." It is this idea of the unknown that frightens men and drives them to create a false fear in myths such as the Medusa and the vaginal orgasm. The creation of these myths is an attempt by men to hold on to their current power and status. It is not that men consciously seek to repress women but rather they seek to maintain their dominant position. Through this repression, men reduce women "to being the servant of the militant male, his shadow," stripping her of all ability to fight. Cixous places the responsibility of feminine achievement on women saying, "we must kill the false woman who is preventing the live one from breathing." Once the live woman is exposed she has the responsibility to compose her own stories, making it possible for her writings to be heard in her own voice.

Introduction to the Myths
Why the Myths Were Created
How to Uncover and Conquer the Myths
The Myths and Their Faults
Derrida's Theory of Deconstruction
Applied to Cixous
Obstacles Faced in Conquering the Myths
How the Medusa Became a Monster
and the Woman Became Inadequate
A Critique of Cixous' Use
of Deconstruction
Cixous' Proposed Results and
My Proposed Results

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