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The Society for the Study of Narrative Literature is an international nonprofit association of scholars dedicated to the investigation of narrative, its elements, techniques, and forms; its relations to other modes of discourse; its power and influence in cultures past and present. There are currently over one thousand members in SSNL, and new members are always welcome.

"Narrative" for us is a category that may include the novel, epic poetry, history, biography, autobiography, film, the graphic arts, music, performance, legal writing, medical case histories, and more.

The Society sponsors the International Conference on Narrative each year. The first conference was held at Ohio State University in 1986, and in subsequent years, the meeting has been held at sites across the United States, Canada, and France: Columbus, Ann Arbor, Nice, Madison, New Orleans, Nashville, Albany, Vancouver, Park City, and Gainesville.

At each conference, approximately 250 speakers address issues of narrative from a variety of positions and perspectives. Featured speakers have included Houston Baker, Mieke Bal, Wayne Booth, Peter Brooks, Barbara Christian, Arthur Danto, Catherine Gallagher, Sandra Gilbert, Susan Gubar, Teresa de Lauretis, Terry Eagleton, Dominick LaCapra, Thomas Laqueur, Walter Benn Michaels, D. A. Miller, Nancy K. Miller, Tania Modleski, Renato Rosaldo, Eve K. Sedgwick, Hortense Spillers, Gayatri Spivak, Cornel West, and many others.


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